Our Core Belief

Established in 2012, EcoRider is a premier Singaporean brand specializing in corporate personal mobility solutions. Our expert team delivers tailored, eco-friendly options for various industries, including security, portering, maintenance, cleaning, warehousing, and logistics. EcoRider is committed to innovation and sustainability, providing efficient and customized mobility solutions to boost business productivity.

What We Do

EcoRider supports Singapore’s initiative to enhance our workforce with versatile mobility devices for everyday operations. Featuring custom enhancements such as compact designs and smart technologies like swappable batteries, our devices excel both indoors and outdoors, ensuring long, hassle-free use. Space-saving designs allow better storage efficiency for facility owners. Our range of mobility solutions meet diverse customer needs, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Our Commitment

EcoRider strives to provide solutions that enhance the capability of our users so as to maximize workforce productivity through technology, ensuring they maintain a high standard of operational capability as they carry out their duties. Our customizable devices cater to specific customer needs, enhancing deployment efficiency and effectiveness.

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