Our Core Belief

Established 7 years ago, EcoRider is a Singapore brand that specialises in personal mobility solutions for the corporate market. Over the years, EcoRider has developed the in-house expertise that provides a wide range of locally customized solutions to meet the exact needs of different industries,  ranging from security, portering, maintenance, cleaning to warehousing and logistics.

What we do

Today, EcoRider supports our nation’s efforts to go car-lite by enabling its devices to be well-equipped and provides multi-purpose applications, such as crowd control and firefighting. This is achieved via leveraging on compact-based and smart technology (e.g. swappable batteries) to allow EcoRider’s devices to be used in indoors (e.g. escalator and lift) and outdoors (e.g. car park) for long operating hours without hassle. Facility owners welcome the fact that plenty of space is saved up for the storage of EcoRider, which can be put to better use. The comprehensive choice of 3-wheels or 2-wheels self-balancing mobility solutions allow customer’s requirements to be mostly fully met.

Our Commitment

EcoRider aims to help organizations to boost staff productivity to the fullest of their ability. With the ageing workforce in mind, EcoRider’s technology is designed to assist senior workers to carry out their duties as efficiently as their younger counterparts. EcoRider’s devices can be customized according to customer’s needs, and enables the maximum deployment efficiency and effectiveness!

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