Mark 9 – The Perfect Patrolling Solution

  • Product Characteristics

    Mark 9

    • “Gyroscopic” control (zero turning radius) with 2 motorized wheels – 14″ size
    • Equipped with handlebar for turning control
    • Third front wheel provides stability and safety
    • Front Display shield Panel with lights and speaker/siren
    • Customizable fitting with first aid kit, AED kit, fire extinguisher, etc.
    • Able to climb slopes of 15 degrees
    • Non-inflatable tires
    • Non-mechanical brakes – no maintenanace of brakes required
    • Easy swappable battery –  minimize downtime
    • Weatherproof design

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  • User Segments
    • Best suited for working adults and seniors
    • High versatility as mark 9 can be deployed in both indoor (e.g. mall) and outdoor (e.g. carpark) areas
    • Ease of learning and use makes it appealing to workforce to carry out their daily tasks such as security patrolling, cleaning and maintenance
    • Only allowed for use within private premises. Not allowed in public footpaths and cycling paths
  • Product Specifications
    • Net Weight: 30kg, 
    • Maximum Cruise Speed:  15km/h
    • Product Width and length: 65cm x 70cm
    • Average Distance Range: 20-25km
    • Maximum load: 150kg
    • Charging Time: 3 hours
    • Tire Size: 14 inches (2 sides), 10 inch (front)
    • Climb Capability: 15 deg
    • Ground clearance: 15 cm
    • Battery: 48V , 7.8Ah