• Easy to Learn & Comfortable to Use

    The superb self-balancing ability of Mark 3 enables old people or those with walking difficulties to move around easily without problems.

  • Size does matter

    By confining the occupied space within the body’s footprint, Mark3’s maneuverability is exceptional.

  • Cutting Edge Technology and Design

    Mark 3 is able to handle uneven surfaces well as it has big wheels ( A- Shaped ) and the most advanced gyroscope.


  • Product Characteristics
    • Latest gyroscopic self-balancing 2 wheel
    • Equipped with adjustable handlebar, seat and footrests
    • Option of sitting or standing up
    • Unique big wheel design
    • Mobile app available, able to link via Bluetooth/wifi to act as remote control
    • Headlights, signal and brake lights

    View Mark 3 video here

    Mark3 can also be customised for towing or pushing trolleys. With easy detachable batteries (large capacity) that can be separately charged on its own, Mark3 offers non-stop solution to your operations as depleted battery can be quickly swapped with fully charged one! View our video here!

  • User Segments
    • Best suited for working adults and seniors
    • Ease of learning and use makes it appealing to people with walking difficulties such as joint-pains (for example, arthritic patients are generally able to use Mark 3 because they can continue with their active lifestyle without being wheelchair-bound)
    • Only allowed for use within private premises. Not allowed in public footpaths and cycling paths
  • Product Specifications
    • Net Weight: 17kg
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 15km/h
    • Product Width: 45cm
    • Average Distance Range: 17-20km
    • Maximum load: 110kg
    • Charging Time: 3 hours
    • Tire Size: 12 inches
    • Climb Capability: 15 deg