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EcoRider is the latest eco-product innovation which strives to provide a seamless and eco-friendly solution to transform the method of short-distance commuting.

EcoRider integrates into Singapore's future transport master plan whereby commuters rely less on private vehicles for their daily needs. Instead, people can make use of EcoRider (along walkways and bicycle paths) and public transport to travel in a hassle-free way to their destination. EcoRider also enhances work productivity by saving time on walking.

Future intelligent functions of EcoRider can even provide robotic assistance to users and revolutionalize our lifestyle towards a better tomorrow.




EcoRider Mark-I is the latest intelligent and innovative 2 wheels self-balancing portable personal mobility transporter meant for short distance traveling in the market. It combines fun, functionality, versatility and practicality together which aims to bring personal mobility for work and leisure up to a new level.

Weight: 18.5kg

Maximum cruise speed: 15km/h

Average range: 30km

Maximum load: 120kg

Charging time: 3hrs

Tire size: 18cm

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EcoRider Recon is an advancement in green personal transportation development with the focus on lighter, smaller and fresher product to realise customers' anticipation and optimize users' experience.

Ecorider Recon is easy to use and comes with an ergonomic padded seat mounted on a coil spring suspension for the comfort of the user; excellent for long-distance or off-road riding on various terrains. It can be applied to various commercial sectors such as worksite inspection, security patrolling, janitorial services or for personal recreation.

Nett weight: 34kg

Max cruise speed: 19km/h

Average range: 35-40km

Charging time: 6hrs

Max load: 120kg

Tire size: 16 inches

Dimension: 720*438*1204mm

Motor power: 500W*2

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EcoRider Rex1 is a practical and useful two-wheeled self-balancing personal mobility transporter meant for security patrolling and emergency response purposes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Nett weight: 56kg

Max speed: 20km/h

Max load: 125kg

Charging time: 3-5hrs

Range: 30km

Tire: 20 inches

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EcoRider S1 is a cool, fun, trendy and hands free Personal Mobility Transporter. It combines gyroscopic technology with the shifting of body weight through the foot pads to change directions or navigate. S1 is suitable for those young-at-heart who simply enjoys fun and freedom. 

Nett weight: 10kg

Max Speed: 10km/h

Range: 15-20km

Load: 20-100kg

Charging time: 2-3hrs

Ground clearance: 3cm

Dimension: 80*71*72cm

Tire: 7 inches solid 




Euroboros is a single-wheeled self-balancing gyroscopic green electric motorcycle which aims to reduce carbon footprints; making short distance commuting safe and convenient.  

Nett weight: 29kg

Max speed: 30km/h

Max load: 150kg

Range: 30-40km

Charging time: 4-5hrs

Max climbing gradient: 30 degrees

Tire: 17 inches 





EcoRider Patrol is a steady and powerful two wheels heavy duty personal transporter. It was first seen at the Beijing Tiananmen Parade Square, used by the China Police for patrolling. It is equipped with 2 cargo boxes at the sides and mounted with a robust seat.

EcoRider Patrol is suitable for security patrol personel, police or army officers and etc.

Nett Weight: 65kg

Maximum cruise speed: 20km/h

Average range: 30-40km

Minimum weight to operate: 40kg

Maximum load: 150kg

Latest Update!!

EcoRider won the Silver "Merlion Award" in Mobility Technology Category during the recent "Safety & Security Asia 2015" Exhibition held on 29 September to 1st October 2015 at Marina Bay Sands.

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Our New Contact Number

You can now reach us at our new office contact number 6795 1313.

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