The New 2023 EcoRider 3-Wheeler Patroller is launched! Catch the video here! 
Looking for a 3-wheeler personal mobility transporter that still has the compact size (with zero turning radius) of a 2 -wheel self-balancing device to patrol in indoor and outdoor areas?
EcoRider Mark 9, a new model developed in-house (Product of Singapore) to meet the needs of the security industry (and more), is now ready to meet your needs. Mark 9 provides the operational safety needed for users as the 3-wheel design ensures complete stability at all times! Mark 9 utilizes a unique gyroscopic function that works seamlessly with the third front wheel, and it can climb slope of about 15 degrees!  Designed and built to last for years, Mark 9 has the features that minimizes running costs. Ranging from non-inflatable tires to non-mechanical brakes, the wear and tear of Mark 9 is kept to the lowest! Its swappable battery is not only affordably priced, but also reduce operational downtime. As usual, Mark 9 is customizable and it can be fitted with fire-fighting equipment, first aid kit, AED kit and many more! Learn more about Mark 9 specifications and catch the video here! 
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Looking for personal mobility technology to aid your senior workers in their jobs? Contact EcoRider today to obtain customized solutions to boost work productivity! With over 10 years of experience spanning across security, cleaning, hospital and logistics industries in Singapore, the “automation of walking” has benefited companies and their staff in many ways! Check out our new LoadRider video showing the deployment of LoadRiders in warehouses to facilitate people and cargo movement!

Thinking of getting a buggy for private patrolling purpose? Why not switch to the compact electric 4 wheels EcoRider Urban Terrain Patroller to enjoy significant savings on your operating cost ? The commanding presence of UTP enables security officers to substantially expand their presence and be noticed! It can be equipped with emergency equipment for fast response. With a physical dimension of just 0.8m width and 1.4m length, there is no worry on parking space and maneuverability. Safety is never compromised with the usage of lead-acid battery and the speed limit can be customised according to your needs!

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We found out about EcoRider through their Marshal who were riding around and it has become a weekly routine for us since! This is an activity that I was able to participate together with my children. The friendly and meticulous Marshals of EcoRider have made my kids endear to them!

Ms. Stacy Chow, Customer

A perfect place for family bonding, away from ipads and handphones, just sun and grass with fun and laughter.

Ms. Iris Ng, Customer

It’ ll be my honor and pleasure to present you and your entire team this testimonial for your exemplary service Ecorider. Indeed, my family enjoyed it very very much at your event organised on the last few visits. Your service team is deeply commendable for their great care and service rendered.

The note, the friendliness and personal touch as well as service that you and your team provided is remarkable. Speaking with experience and decades with hospitality industry for long. Although, Mr. Lai sees it’s a casual event and yet I’ve observed the the way you’ve conducted and represented. Your staff puts on the smiley face even under the scorching hot sun with patience… Outstanding!! and that’s service from the heart…… The biggest organisation or perhaps a retail shop that I’ve patronized have not even match the tremendous service that Emont Ecorider have provided and i would strongly recommend Emont Ecorider and the whole entire team led by Director-in-charge Mr. Lim Wei You further expansion ahead. Job well done!!!

Mr. Lai Sow Yuen, Dir / Head, Training and Operations (F&B Dept)

I was surprised that the vehicle will move according to my body movement! This technology is like a safer version of the hoverboards because I still can hold on to it. Will definitely bring my 5 year old nephew down to have a ride since it is safe for kids!

Charlotte Ang, Customer

The Ecorider team was very helpful and strict with the safety measures. They make sure all instructions are clear before the participants are able to ride on the vehicle. I feel safe with them around.

Shawn Lim, Customer

This is great family fun filled activity, ride on this thrilling EcoRider with your family at EcoRider park. My daughter and I had an ecstatic time. We love it!

SC SC, Facebook user
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