Security Patrol

Calling out to fellow officers!
Not looking forward to go for your round of patrol under the hot sun? Dreading the long distance and the wide area to cover?

Shout out to the managers!
Having a hard time getting your officers to go for their rounds? Passive workforce? Aging workforce? Challenging to keep up with the KPI of reaction time to emergency response? Experience miscommunications during emergency respond?

Look no further, the solutions are all at EcoRider! For your security operation needs, we offer tough, long lasting, flexible and practical mobility solutions in our EcoRider Mark-I and EcoRider Rex 1. EcoRider can help to improve productivity by up to 30%!

Features and Benefits

Ecorider has not stopped at just being a moving tool. Further enhancements can be made upon request to individual models to suit various operation requirements. EcoRider Mark I has been the mainstay model for many applications with day-to-day errands. This has been largely due to its small and compact design, making it suitable for use almost anywhere accessible by foot, whether within or by the perimeters of facilities. With the whole body of the tool underneath the user’s feet, it will not be a hazard to any third parties within the proximity.  As such, it can be blended into the environment seamlessly, providing stealthy movement within crowds and narrow spaces like the elevators . EcoRider Mark I’s ruggedness and flexibility have  allowed customization. It can be fitted with:

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • First-aids for CERTs (a mini red-rhino).
  • Camera system that sends live feed back to command centre.

The EcoRider Rex, is a new addition for security operations. When the operations require a standout, an imposing presence. It is perfect for crowd control, responding to emergencies and to be seen.